Mt Haig ultra-marathoner’s update

Well, as one of our ex Prime Ministers once said ,”Life wasn’t meant to be easy”  . Not even for Race Directors. My plan B (an alternative to the now closed Mt Edith Road), which was to run through Tinaroo Creek Road, is being blown away as I type this post (or should I say, smoked out) by extensive controlled burns along Tinaroo Creek Road. I have no option but to do away with that plan (you may still remember the lady who was terribly burned in Central Australia during an endurance run not long ago). So, what to do this time?                                         Plan C is to establish a halfway “Turnaround/Checkpoint” in a suitable, safe and non confusing location along Kauri Creek Road and it’s extension on the Mareeba side of Mt Haig. We have identified that location as Emu Creek. It is 21.4kms from the starting line  at Kauri Creek Day Use Area. This means the race length will be 42.8kms (technically still more than a marathon). I’m absolutely sure you will LOVE this checkpoint! If I can find a masseur, you won’t want to leave the place! You will find a shady creek with cool running water, cold  Coke, Sunkist and eats to tempt you and fortify you for the arduous return. “Life wasn’t meant to be easy!”                                                                                                                                      Once again, if any of you have friends, partners etc who could help with timing and recording on Sunday, I would be very grateful. Dave OBrien (Race Director)

Mt Haig 45km runners please note

Once again the running gremlins have struck a trail race I’ve volunteered to direct!                         I have received advice from my contacts on the Tablelands that the Mt Edith Road which is an integral part of the 45km race route has been closed to all vehicles due to heavy rains and wind washing out parts of the road and bringing down trees across it. I am not prepared to have runners use the road when I can not get an emergency services vehicle in there should there be an accident or injury to a runner. This is a very important safety issue and I’m sure you will understand my decision.                                                                                       So, what to do? I am reluctant to cancel the 45km race completely so I have been looking for alternatives to the 28km section of the race that has been lost. One possibility is for runners to head up Kauri Creek Road (the same one being used by all other competitors) to the junction with Mt Edith Road. Runners would then continue on in a westerly direction until Tinaroo Creek Road is reached. Once there, runners would follow this road, initially in a southerly direction, then tending east until it joins Danbulla Road near Tinaroo Dam. Following this road eventually brings you back to the Start/Finish at Kauri Creek, making a loop course of approximately 44kms (if Google Earth is any guide).  At this moment I am not sure whether I can get a vehicle around the whole loop but plan to check it out on Wednesday 13th. If vehicle access is possible, the course could then be marked on Saturday 16th. I would welcome any feedback on   or call me on            0459020091 after 6.30pm.  Also if any of you have spouses or partners who could help out on race day, I would be overjoyed!                Many thanks, Dave OBrien (Race Director)

Mt Haig Trail Race, Sunday August 17th, 2014

Are you ready to race?  Distances to suit everybody!  5Kms and 10kms for the fun runners and speed freaks.  21kms for a good challenge and perhaps your first longer distance trail race.     OR….the ultimate….45kms of endurance running. Seemingly endless uphills and quad-crushing downhills. Bring it on!  It’s all happening on Sunday August 17th.    

But why just one day? Why not make a weekend of it? Double the fun! Dust off the tent and other camping gear and head for the Kauri Creek camping area. There is camping also at nearby Downfall Creek but capacity has been reduced while one of the amenities blocks is being repaired. Bookings for these areas are essential so go online to      OR…..if you like your creature comforts, try Lake Tinaroo Holiday Park for a range of accommodation. Go online to    Lake Tinaroo Resort  and Tinaroo Terraces  also offer accommodation close to the action which will be starting at the Kauri Creek Day Use Area on Danbulla Road on the north shore of scenic Lake Tinaroo.    

For information on this great event see the 2014 Mt Haig Trail Race Info Pack and the 2014 Mt Haig Trail Race Course and Profile.