Goldsborough Gallop, Sunday May 17th: Volunteers needed

This will be the first time “The Gallop” has been run and like all our “Roadies” events we are going to need some help. We’re hoping that  a number of families will take advantage of an opportunity to go camping for the weekend. Perhaps you can give us a little of your time on Sunday 17th?  Below is a list of volunteer positions that we need to fill.

Check-in       2 people would be good

Sweep          This could be a runner or one or two people on bikes

Marshalls     Find a friend, fold out your deck chair, relax and point runners in the right direction. You don’t even have to get out of your seat! Maybe bring a camera so you can get some action shots of the runners.

Timing and Recording at the Finish   At least 3 people needed here. This may include the volunteers from Check-in at the starting line.

BBQ/ Catering   We’ll be putting on the usual fruit and drink for the runners as they finish but we hope that this will morph into a BYO brunch which will be a great opportunity for socialising.

If you can help us out, we would be very grateful. Please contact the Race Director via emails     and   or phone/text  0459020091


The inaugural Goldsborough Gallop is now open. Once again race director Dave-O’ has poured his blood sweat and tears into producing you another fun packed trail race. Enter HERE, bring a friend and share your first time together.

Big thanks to our very supportive sponsor:

It's Extreme

It’s Extreme

Don’t be disappointed , entries close Thursday 14th May, 8pm.


Little Street Race 2 of 2 – A great course in the centre of town, with a special 2.5km course off the road especially for the juniors to enjoy. It is flat and quick course where you run in a figure of eight pattern (once for 5km or twice for the 10km distance) so it’s a great course to see how far in front, or behind, you are of those running with you. Nothing like your friendly runner’s banter to inspire your mates to “catch you if they can”.  Series winners of the 2.5km, 5km, and 10km will be recognised at the completion of this race. Like race one, PhyxMe Physio have donated fantastic spot prizes, incuding massage and physio sessions, as well as a one month yoga/pilates voucher.

PhyxMe Physiotherapy

See the CALENDAR for rego link.