Online entries will close on Thursday 23rd April at 8:00pm. This cut-off is critical to enable the hard working Race Director and the valuable race day volunteer team to be fully prepared. There are no on day entries allowed.


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Race 2 of 2 – A great course in the centre of town, with a special 2.5km course off the road especially for the juniors to enjoy. It is flat and quick course where you run in a figure of eight pattern (once for 5km or twice for the 10km distance) so it’s a great course to see how far in front, or behind, you are of those running with you. Nothing like your friendly runner’s banter to inspire your mates to “catch you if they can”.

Series winners of the 2.5km, 5km, and 10km will be recognised at the completion of this race. Like race one, PhyxMe Physio have donated fantastic spot prizes, incuding massage and physio sessions, as well as a one month yoga/pilates voucher.

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Forget ToughMudder, Kyrptonite Challenge, ToughBlokesRace and all those other “tough” events… this is it – The Black Snake!

Not for the faint hearted. Many tough men have lost their dignity on the final mountain ascent by keeping Kleenex in business. If your up for a trail challenge then this is for you, however I highly recommend checking out the course maps before registering for your distance. There is a cut off time (because no one likes to quit, but sitting under the power lines at the top of that last hill won’t get you home before dark) and staggered starts will be managed by the race coordinator.

Many thanks once again to the very supportive team at It’s Extreme for sponsoring this event.itsextreme_logo_small

Registrations are now open – enter HERE


Just a quick little note to all those non-committee members who love to be actively involved in the Club…. Next Club meeting will be brought forward to the 1st April – same time, same place.

Happy Easter!