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Message received from Dr Craig Richards:
Here at the  University of Newcastle we are working hard to provide the running community with rigorous independent data on the safety and performance of commercially available running shoes.
Shoes tested in our program will be labelled with detailed information on how they affect injury rates and distance running performance (both during the transition period and once full adaptation has been achieved) as well as recommendations on which runners are likely to do well in these shoes and those runners who should avoid them.
To provide this detailed information, we require the support of the Australian running community. Currently we are seeking 1000 runners from across Australia to assist us in 2014. To help us distribute this information, would you be kind enough to please post the links below on your web and Facebook pages and distribute via your email lists?
To participate runners must:
· Age 16+ · Run at least 10km per week
· Complete an online training diary once a week
· Be prepared to be randomly allocated to test one of the 11 shoes listed
· Be prepared to pay for their test shoes at heavily discounted prices (~40% below RRP)
We are currently testing 11 different running shoe models ranging from ultra-cushioned to barefoot varieties. We have no commercial relationship with manufacturers and to maintain our independence, provide this testing free of charge.
If you have any questions about our research program please do not hesitate to ask.
Many thanks for your assistance,
Dr Craig Richards
B.Med. B.Med.Sc.(Hons) FACRRM