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Hello everyone.

This post is to confirm that the Barron Gorge Trail Run (Practice) is still on and is scheduled to start at 7am on Sunday March 9th. We will be meeting at the Stoney Creek Trailhead which is at the end of Stoney Creek Road.

How to find Stoney Creek Road? Take the road immediately on the southern side of the Kamerunga Bridge over the Barron River. This road heads west and is Stoney Creek Road. Follow this road right to the end. There is a small car park there so you could consider car pooling to minimise the number of cars using the car park.

What to bring? Be prepared to be totally self sufficient. That means an adequate hydration system and enough food to sustain you for your time out on the track. A Heavy Weight Crepe Bandage (Elastoplast 10cmx2.3cm for example) is strongly recommended in the highly unlikely event of snake bite, as is a whistle to attract attention.

The biggest hazzard out on the track is the Lawyer Cane or Wait-a- While Palm. The palms produce large numbers of hanging tendrils covered in recurved hooks which can really tear skin badly. I recently spent 7 1/2 hours on the 18km course cutting back the Wait-a-While with secateurs  and I really regretted not having a supply of those cloth type band-aids so I can certainly recommend bringing along a mini pack of them. Another recommendation is to run in a peaked cap. Better for a hooked tendril to take off your hat than catch your face. If you have a compact camera, why not bring it along to capture some memories of the day. We can put photos on Facebook to share our fun time together. We look forward to seeing you there. If you would like to come along, you can register online via our Cairns Roadrunners website. Any last minute questions? Please send me an email on   trailrunning@roadrunners.org.au