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Important update for Copperlode Cup competitors

We have had to make a couple of changes to the way the race has been run, based on changes this year to the permits issued by Qld Police & Cairns Regional Council, that were only advised to us this week

There will be a road closure in place on Lake Morris Rd from 6-30am till 9-30am, from the base of Lake Morris Road to the finish. We will also have escort vehicles at the front and back of the pack.

This has the following implications that competitors will need to consider:

  • Unfortunately, support vehicles for individual competitors will not be permitted on the road during the run.
  • Any vehicles wanting to go to the finish to collect runners will only be able to leave from the start after 9-30am.
  • Competitors will be able to send up a gear bag to the finish, with an event vehicle that will leave at about 7am (30mins before race start)
  • As the road will be re-opened at approx. 9-30am, the event will have a 2hr time cut-off imposed. Any competitors that are still on the road after approx. 9-30am will not be recorded as finishing. There will naturally be some leeway (eg, if you are a few minutes over).  Previous results indicate that it is unlikely that anyone will finish much over 2hrs. This is necessary to allow vehicles up to the dam to collect competitors in a reasonable timeframe.   There will be a brunch put on at the finish for competitors.
  • For those entered in a relay team, one vehicle will be allowed per team on the course to drop of competitors at the change over points.  These vehicles must not stop in between change points.  Further briefing will be provided to relay team vehicle drivers on the morning of the race.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, however, these issues are out of our control.  This is the first time in the history of this event that we have had to close the road.