PO Box 7403, Cairns QLD 4870 info@roadrunners.org.au

Yes, it’s that time of year again where we supply the pizza and you supply the votes. What a challenging and exciting year it has been at the Roadies HQ. We’ve had so much energy and great ideas come forward this year and we can’t wait to take this Club into it’s next phase of  the modern running era. Nominations are open for members to submit their vote for a new committee for 2015.

Noting the requirements outlined in section 11 of the CRRTC Rules Of Association 2012, the following key points of note are:

  • All the current committee will be standing down, (still eligible for re-election if nominated)
  • All nominations must be submitted to the secretary – secretary@roadrunners.org.au – by 7pm Wednesday 24 September, by filling out a Nomination Form
  • Each member of the association present and eligible to vote at the annual general meeting may vote for 1 candidate for each vacant position on the management committee.

There are many ways you can contribute and the basics of being on the committee are:

  • Meet at least once every calendar month
  • Plan Future of club and races to be held
  • Ensure race coordinators and volunteers are briefed with knowledge and resources for races
  • Have your say on the future of Cairn’s greatest, oldest and most iconic club
  • Provide support and inspiration to fellow club members old, new and in-between

Every club member should at least exercise their club right to vote on future committee to ensure we maintain democracy and appoint those leaders within the club will best represent your club desires.

If you can’t make the AGM then please email in your Proxy Vote Form to secretary@roadrunners.org,.au

Here is an outline of the types of skills and roles we’re looking to fill and don’t be afraid to complete a Nomination Form (printed forms will be available at the regular Wednesday night esplanade run):


        • Represent the club at multiple levels
        • Act as a facilitator for organisation activities
        • Help the committee prioritise its goals and work with the committee within those goals
        • Preside as chairman at all
        • Maintain files of legal documents such as constitutions, leases and titles
        • Coordinate the development, implementation and regular review of the organisation’s Risk Management Plan


      • Keep books and accounts  up-to-date showing correctly the financial affairs of the Association
    • Pay all accounts that have been passed for payment by the Management
    • Give Treasurer’s report at regular meetings and when required


  • Prepare the agenda for club  meetings in consultation with the President
  • Take full and accurate minutes at meetings (Minutes to be signed by the President.)
  • Service the organisation’s post office box and other electronic correspondence


  • Maintain registers of members’ names and addresses, volunteers, life time members and sponsors
  • Set up and maintain online entries for events
  • Handle incoming memberships

 Sponsorship and Marketing

  • Promote the organisation and seek sponsorships in support of the organisation’s activities
  • Develop an annual sponsorship
  • Arrange for advertising of sponsors through the organisation’s newsletter/website/facebook
  • Promote the sport and the organisation to the community

 Race Coordinator

  • Coordinate volunteer rosters
  • Supervise and instruct race teams: marshals, recorders, time keepers, first aid personnel and other officials
  • Maps and signage
  • Brief Race directors on needs and requirements
  • Gain permits from the council and police when required


  • Maintain club stocks and distribute as required
  • Source value for money stock such as shirts, singlets, coolers, caps, bottles, stickers

 Committee Support

  • Help where required such as maintaining equipment, creating documents, mapping runs, distributing calendars, liaising with  members, organising social events, leading Wednesday Night social run, networking with other local sports clubs, submitting for grants and club support programs.