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Calling all trail runners!  The annual Blacksnake Trail Races are coming soon! We’re making some exciting changes this year. Firstly, we will be reversing the direction of the 34km race. All those big ups and downs will now be at the front end of the race while you are still fresh?!  Secondly, there will be staggered starting times for both the 21km and 34km races. This will bring most runners to the finish line within a shorter span of time, ensuring more time for socialising and eating together (gotta be a good thing!).

So, which race to chose?  If you’re feeling fit and ready for a challenge then why not try our 34km “mini marathon”?  Maybe you would like to move up from a shorter distance and try something a bit longer…..or maybe you’re a speed freak and want the extra challenge of a bit of dirt under your shoes? The 21km out and back course is the one for you.  Perhaps you’re a “newbie” to trail running or you’re coming back from injury and need a “tester” run. Well, our 10km race may be the one for you.

It takes a lot of organising to run the Blacksnake so I’m getting in early here and asking for help. The following volunteer positions are presently unfilled and I would be very grateful for any assistance. Ideally, I would like to fill these positions as soon as possible.

They include:

  • Track marking
  • Set up and pull down (2 or 3 people)
  • Pre-race check-in and timer clock (2 people)
  • Bridle Creek Checkpoint (2 people)
  • Fig Tree Checkpoint (2 people)
  • Sweep(s)  This/these people could be runners or mountain bikers
  • Finish line timing and recording (3 people which could include the pre-race check-in volunteers)

If you can help in any way, please contact me via email trailrunning@roadrunners.org.au or phone/text me on  0459020091.  I would also like some ideas/feedback on a “Big BBQ Brunch Bash” after the races. Thanks, everybody.

Safe running, Davo O’Brien (Race Director)

P.S.  Watch our website calendar for further details of the Blacksnake including the Information Pack and registration link.