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Roadies AGM was held last week and we need to say some words of gratitude….

Thank you to all the members who attended, it’s great to see people support the club that supports their running. We look forward to having your continued support throughout 2017.

Thank you to the 2016 Committee. A massive effort has been made behind the scenes over the last few years that many aren’t aware of, including;

  • Library of policies and procedure to help protect and guide the Club,
  • Maps and Courses,
  • Focussing on quality not quantity of events
  • Suite of online event templates to build upon
  • Increased Facebook and online/email presence,
  • Reconnect key relationships within the sporting community,
  • “How To” resources for many tasks,
  • Race Director packs to facilitate the efficiency and consistency of events,
  • Welcoming runners of all ages and abilities with a focus on getting the passion back for our inspiring front runners to attend our key events and looking after our current members
  • Online merchandise

As you can see, the Club has really focussed on making running the Club easier and more fun with what may seem like little things but that can actually make a big difference.


And thank you to the new committee for stepping up to continue the great legacy that has been built by previous committees:

  • Alan Courtney – President
  • Sue Houlihan – Secretary
  • Colleen Harrison – Treasurer
  • Jarrod Ausburn
  • Mark St Amand
  • Sarah Dart
  • Jim Cavil